Eric Lackey

Eric Lackey

Principal Advisor

Flashpoint - Insider Threat Program Management

Eric Lackey is an experienced professional in the areas of insider threat and counterintelligence with over 20 years of experience providing support to criminal investigations, threat intelligence analysis, network investigations, and digital forensics. Prior to joining Flashpoint, Eric most recently worked for one of the largest global financial services institutions on the Global Information Security Insider Threat team. Prior to this role, Eric spent the previous 10 years as a Senior Insider Threat and Counterintelligence Analyst for the Air Force Office of Special Investigations, as part of his 23 years of service within the Department of Defense. Eric holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a Master of Science in Digital Forensic Science.

Breakout Session 3C: Insider Threat to Financial Services (English)


PowerPoint Presentation: 3C – Eric Lackey Pt1 PowerPoint Presentation: 3C – Eric Lackey Pt2 The insider threat poses substantial risks to the financial services industry, and the consequences for not addressing this challenge can be detrimental to a company’s intellectual property, brand reputation, and physical security, among other assets. With security resources and programs often focused on […]